Getting Started - Help Guide

How to get started using Discuss and becoming active in helping us.

Discuss for the moment is like a simple private version of Facebook. It is secure also which means the information you enter on Discuss is displayed only to those you follow. And for the rest of the world, your information remains invisible.

To get started you need to use the following steps. (preferably computer but mobile will also do)

1. Visit the following link and register your account.
Sign Up

2. Once registered complete the account setup steps.
a. upload your profile photo
b. upload your cover photo
c. enter your profile info
d. follow people you would want to and share your account information
example, you can invite your friends and family to join the site and then you can follow their accounts.

3. Start posting updates

When posting updates by default it is set to PUBLIC which means everyone can see what you have posted. This is useful if you want to share something with everyone like an event you are going to invite people to.

If you want to share something private with only those you follow ( like myself, nandini and other well wishers who have an account on Neu Social) then select FOLLOWERS

If you want to just save something for yourself to read at a later date select ONLY ME

4. You can also post notes in your private notepad. This is like your personal diary. What you post here cannot be seen by anyone except yourself. And when I say this means absolutely only you can see it by login to your account. Even we cannot see it as all the information is 100% encrypted and secure.

You can use this to save important information such as contact numbers, passwords, etc

5. Communicate in secure and private way with your followers

Click on the Messages link to open the Message/Chat window where you can see a list of your followers whom you can share communicate in absolute privacy and secrecy.

We have created this amazing site after years of using my brain and knowledge and I can assure you it is the most secure and private way to share and communicate and you can confidently refer the site to your well wishers and invite them to join.

Help Us

We are also looking forward to people joining us on this project in anyway they can. Helping us with the website, language translation or providing funds for maintaining the website so it is up and running 24x7.

To contact us write to neuguru@neuspirit.org

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