Learn to practice Neutral Lifestyle and Meditation
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Lesson 1

An Introduction on Self Discovery

When I started out, my mind was full of confusion and with no intention to improve myself. Summarising, I would describe myself as the following:

  • Successful, Egoistic and Deep in the Matrix
  • Personal life and Professional Life very Stressful.
  • A Roller Coaster life full of Ups and Downs.
  • Suffering from Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.
  • Agnostic in beliefs with no clear Spiritual Path.

Awakening : By the spiritual energy of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba
Date & Time Taken : July 2012 and 3 Months of Silent and Focused Meditation.
Results : Access to Universal Knowledge Source with discovery of living a Neutral Spiritual Lifestyle and technique of Neu Energy Meditation, to tap into the Quantum Energy Source for removing layers of negativity around the Soul, accumulated from current life and previous life.
Manifestations : Healing of physical body reducing sugar levels, blood pressure, improving relationships, ability to influence external environment resulting in a positive and balanced life, empowerment of soul to engage in soul communication, soul energy healing and inter dimensional travel.

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Lesson 2

Silencing the Mind

When I first went into silent meditation, it was not completely silent. Initially I looked around through the corner of my eyes. All kinds of thoughts crept in about what I am doing and more. Eventually, I closed my eyes and started focusing on the peacock at the campus of the meditation center. And then my mind wandered away from the clutter and started sliding into silence. Following are some tips to silencing our minds.

  • Do not try hard to silence your mind. Let it come naturally.
  • Initially, try and focus on something that captivates you.
  • Breathe in and out and follow your breathing.
  • You can meditate or even simply lay down.
  • Start with a minute or two and then slowly expand the time.
  • Make sure you are not disturbed internally or externally.

Silence and Focus On: Any energy source such as that matches your belief system. This will help you get into the silent state faster.

Results: De-Stress, regulates blood circulation and removal of negative thoughts and emotions.

Manifestation: Time lapse if completely silent. An hour passes on as a minute leading to a trance state.

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Lesson 3

Living a Neutral Lifestyle

Those who seek a balanced life, without the ups and downs that is what we experience, living a Neu Spiritual Life is the perfect way to move ahead. This is life changing decision, one of the most difficult decisions to take. The following tips will guide you on achieving this lifestyle.

  • Learn to let go of attachments of the past and not pick new ones.
  • Stop thrusting your mind with Negative thoughts and emotions.
  • Get rid of addictions and desires that can lead to addictions.
  • Live a less stressful personal and professional life.
  • Ensure no action of yours leads to negativity for self and others.

Results : A more balanced and pleasant life. Less but more positive minded people around you.

Manifestation: Trance state during meditation.

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Lesson 4

Neu Energy Meditation

Neu Energy Meditation is a 7 minute meditation technique focusing on your own third eye or an external energy source such as per your beliefs. This meditation necessitates that you are already living a Neutral Lifestyle devoid of negativity and also practiced silencing your mind. So if you haven't already learned to do that, then this is not for you. As just practicing the steps of Neu Energy Meditation will not result in any attraction of neutral energy. Following are tips on practicing Neu Energy Meditation.

  • Foll all Strict Protocols as mentioned in the Training Guide.
  • You can meditate any time of the day as long as there is no disturbance, internal or external.
  • Those with serious physically limiting illness should not practice.
  • Anyone who disturbs your meditation could receive some amount negative blowback. So make sure you inform family so children or pets do not disturb when you are in a trance.

Technique: Try and get into trance state first through silent of focused meditation and then start focusing on the energy source. Make affirmations only if you want to use the energy received for self or others.

Results: Trance state with Energy Shower or Self or Receivers.

Manifestations: Soul to Soul Communication (Relationship Issues/Channeling Messages), Soul to Soul Energy Transfer (Awakening/Support/Healing), Affirmations (Self Healing/Protection), Manifesting Soul Travel(Negative to a Positive Dimension).

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