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About Me

Neu Spiritual Science is founded by Gurudatt Shenoy who discovered the science and technique in 2012 during a silent meditation session, at an international meditation resort and a spiritual journey through the blessings of Shird Sai Baba, his Guru and Mentor.

As his own NEU awakened and connected, he started accessing the infinite knowledge that is part of the Superverse also called as Soul Universe and started writing down the thoughts that opened up his mind and started practicing Neu Energy Meditation.

The modality of my practice and training is based on science and explained through my research paper published on the following link.
Research Paper

In short it is based on the theory that the soul is a quantum particle and by offering neutral energy to the soul, we can awaken and empower it to create, manifest changes in the physical dimension. Engage in soul to soul communications, soul energy transfer and soul travel through dimensions.

So if you are not able to communicate physically with another person through words or actions then soul to soul communication can be tried and works if the receiver is unaware or open to it.

Likewise soul energy transfer from the quantum universe to a recipient soul with your soul opening a transfer channel.

And manifesting changes as our soul can do this if it is highly energetic like change of weather, ending wars, etc

For this one has to learn and train to live a neutral lifestyle and practice the meditation technique to attract neutral energy from the quantum universe.

More detailed knowledge shared in a book published by me on Amazon

Neu Spiritual Science

Once you undergo training and learn to attract energy through your soul then you can practice to empower self and others.

Learning to silence our mind and communicating with the soul is key to success in this practice.


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